“The instructors truly care about the clientele”
“I love Fly! The workouts are amazing but more importantly, the instructors are above and beyond. The instructors truly care about the clientele and it shows-they motivate you and push you beyond where you thought you could go. Fly Fitness will make you love exercise!” –Robin G.

“Every class kicks my butt”
“This is by far my favorite way to workout! Every class kicks my butt & I always leave feeling rocked but refreshed. Great classes, great instructors & friendly clientele.” –Sarah H.


“Not your typical workout. Instructors are the best; creative and fun, kick my butt and leave me with a smile on my face. The studio is awesome, extending from the clean lined & stylish interior to the waters edge. Definitely the best in the Northwest!!” -Brenda B.


“I’ve been challenged not just physically, but very personally."
"The instructors and clients here are AMAZING. And I don't mean everyone has a six-pack and a whistle. I mean amazing through and through. Motivating, inspiring, challenging, strong, authentic, athletic and extremely knowledgable. I have been challenged not just physically, but very personally. Traci, your concept of 'exercise & socialize' is brilliant -- most people are looking for so much more than just losing weight or getting fit. There is usually a much deeper, much more personal reason for wanting to move your body. The Fly Fitness community has inspired me to continually strive to be a better, more authentic person. I've finally realized I am worthy of this time to nurture and strengthen my body -- all because of the wonderful friendships I've made here. Thank you!"

“Fly Fitness isn’t just a place I came for workouts”
"Fly Fitness isn’t just a place I came to for workouts. I can do that anywhere. At Fly it’s different. Different because every person on your team cares about not only the physical advancement but more importantly the spiritual. “Living in the now”, “pay attention to your body”, ”leave the bad behind”, “pay attention to your present place”, “work together as a unit” – these statements and so many more are helping me live, literally, and move forward in my journey. To feel accepted, cared for and nourished both physically and spiritually. There is no other place I’ve ever found."

“She makes you work muscles you never knew you had.”
"A lively mix of cardio, abs, gluts, and arms, Traci's classes are awesome!! She makes you work muscles you never knew you had. Every time I leave, I feel invigorated, stronger, and motivated to burn more calories. Classes are 1-hour of intense exercise, plus you can't beat moving and grooving to some sweet get-your-body-in-gear tunes."