Next up in the Fly Fitness Class Spotlight Series are two of Fly’s favorite classes! The recently added CARDIYO and the much loved FLY CYCLE YO!

These classes are very similar in benefits and methodology, so we have combined them to show you the awesome profits of these classes and hopefully give you a little motivation to check them out! 

What is Cardiyo?

With this hour you will sweat out 30 minutes of cardio drills utilizing a variety of equipment including but not limited to; spin bikes, rowing machines, ladders, jump ropes and the outdoors when weather permits. The cardio piece can be taken at your own pace as most formatting will be based around self-propelled circuits. Following the cardio workout, you will flush and re-energize the body with a 30 min vinyasa inspired yoga session.  This class is a wonderful opportunity to try yoga in smaller doses. New yogis welcome! 


What is Fly Cycle Yo?

This workout combines cardio training on the bike with the flow of yoga, effectively challenging you to increase mental and physical endurance. By linking breath with movement and moving with intention during your yoga practice, you will find access to more strength when you’re on the bike, and when you’re doing any other physical activity. Cycle on the bike the first 30 minutes of class, then enjoy 30 minutes of yoga strategically designed to complement the hard work on the bike.


What are some of the benefits of these classes?

1. The first portion of this class will challenge your cardiovascular and muscular endurance, while improving your power, agility, metabolism and hormonal balance. 

2. Individuals practicing yoga on a regular basis (as little as 1-2x/week) will discover improved muscular flexibility, joint stability, balance and mental clarity- while restoring healthy body mechanics, core strength, and appreciation for the physical body. 


What is the benefit of combining cardio with yoga specifically? 

1. By starting with a cardio session the body is warm and ready to jump right into a yoga practice. This way in one hour you get cardio, strength, and stretching all in one.

2. Spinning is known to be one directional which often times tightens the muscles that are being worked, specifically hip flexors, low back, and hamstrings. Therefore the lengthening and stretching of those muscles during yoga is a great compliment to your ride, helping to relieve tight muscles and increase flexibility.

3. A high intensity cardio session can be very aerobically stimulating, so the ease and relaxation of a yoga class helps to slow your heart rate and calm your breathing.  Inversely, your yoga practice can also help with your breathing awareness and control, helping to provide better breathing practices during a spinning session. 

What is a common posture in Cardiyo and how do I improve on it?

You can count on using the rowers during the cardio portion of this class because of the full body power, strength and endurance gained from this exercise. When using the rower, it is important that you are mindful of your posture because your posture will dictate which muscles you are using to produce the power. A tall posture through the spine will allow the rower to find the power in their core- primarily their hips and posterior chain. If posture begins to fall, the rower will experience burnout through their upper back, neck and shoulders. A strong row is cultivated from good form and this class will allow you to revisit this highly beneficial exercise to lock yours down. Bonus: Yoga is incredibly proficient in restoring hip mobility- which will directly improve your power output on the rowing machine! 


What are clients saying?

"A great workout, builds a sweat for the first half then much needed stretching and cool down after...and with a beautiful view!"

"Great mix between spin and yoga."

"This class was a perfect balance of hard work and yoga."

Give your body something new this week. Check out one of these classes and experience the benefits for yourself. Let us know what you think!



Thursdays @ 10:45am



Tuesdays @ 12:00pm

Mondays @ 7:00pm (With our new instructor Ashley)