Welcome Flyers, to our new Class Spotlight Series. Here at Fly we offer a large variety of classes to make sure that you are getting a well-rounded fitness routine without getting bored or having an absurd amount of gym memberships.  

Not only is it fun to change up your routine, but we offer many different classes for a reason. Often times you will see a plateau in your fitness results when you continue doing the same workout over and over again. Which means you must constantly change up your exercise routine to make sure your body continues guessing and it’s getting an even amount of high impact, low impact, strength, cardio, and stretching.

Fly Fitness offers a wide range of class types from high intensity explosive exercise to lower impact strength and stretching. Your body needs it all, so don’t deprive it of that.

You know what classes we offer and what to expect in them but we want you to get a better understanding of the benefits of each class so you know why you are taking them. So here to kick off the Fly Fitness Class Spotlight Series is some helpful information about our recently added “Raising the Barre” class.

What is Barre?

Barre fitness classes are a ballet-inspired fusion of Pilates, dance, yoga, and functional strength training. These classes are choreographed to music to make them motivating and fun. In each class you will use a combination of light weights, core balls, resistance bands, and a barre for balancing postures. The goal of a barre class is to sculpt, strengthen, slim, and stretch your entire body by focusing on isometric contractions and stretches. Each class will cover a dynamic warm up consisting of planks, push-ups, squats, and stretches. A lower body section that uses the barre for balancing postures and deeper contractions. An upper body section that focuses on high repetition with resistance bands and low weight (2-3lbs). A core section that uses the barre, mat work, resistance bands, and core ball. And lastly a final yoga inspired stretch to lengthen each muscle. 

How is Fly Fitness Barre different from the average?

Here at Fly we use the NEW Queenax Superfunctional barre which, unlike the traditional static barre, is a suspended barre with multiple height options that brings an even more challenging mix of balance and core stability exercises. The variety that the Queenax Barre brings is limitless! 

What are some of the benefits of barre?

1.   The class is very challenging for the muscles, but easy on the joints. This class is a low impact class that focuses on very controlled, small movements that reduce the pressure on your joints, tendons, ligaments, and spine.

2.   Improved core strength and posture: By doing barre regularly, you'll also notice a remarkable improvement in your core strength and posture. By strengthening your core and postural muscles, you are also reducing your risk of injuries.

3.   You will strengthen each muscle from head to toe. Barre is designed to wok each muscle group to fatigue and strategically targeting each portion of your body and their opposing muscles. After a 60 minute session, your entire body will feel worked and energized.

4.   Modifications for all ages and fitness levels. One if the best things about barre is that it can be as challenging or as calming as you need it to be. Barre uses small movements that just about everyone can manage, the intensity comes from repetition and working through the burn. Taking breaks is a great way to modify the intensity of each class. You can also always modify up by working lower, pushing harder, and sticking with high repetitions if you are looking for an advanced session. Everyone is welcome and every class can be a different experience.

5.   Lost weight and inches. This class focusing on some of the biggest muscles in the body, such as the thighs and glutes to increase strength and lean muscle mass. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn! This is a full body strengthening class, so by increasing your lean muscle mass, you are able ti increase your resting metabolic rate which produces more energy and helps to expand your calorie burn. But more importantly than weight loss, is the redistribution of body mass. You will start to notice that your jeans fit differently, your tummy is getting tighter, and your posture has improved. Overall you look & feel taller, leaner, and healthier.

6.   Increased range of motion and endurance for your other classes. Barre classes target the core muscle groups that are often neglected in conventional strength training (abductors, adductors, transverse abdominals, etc). Whether you are active in other sports or want to improve your athleticism in other high intensity classes, barre has some great benefits for all. Barre can increase openness in your hips to help with your golf swing, increase hamstring and quad strength to promote more powerful jumps in your organized chaos classes, and it also works on the slow twitch muscles fibers that help with endurance so you can make it through your 60 minute classic spin class or through your next marathon.

What is a common posture in barre and how do I improve on it?

Horse Pose is a staple posture in barre. It promotes hip flexibility, core strength, improved balance, and targets all your main lower body muscles such as the gluts, calves, hamstrings and quads. It also helps target those tricky adductor/abductor (inner/outer thigh) muscles that we all like to work on.  

 Horse Pose with a heel lift shown by one of our Raising the Barre instructors, Charlee. 

Horse Pose with a heel lift shown by one of our Raising the Barre instructors, Charlee. 

Step by Step:

1.   Step your feet 3-4 feet apart.

2.   Open feet to a 45 degree angle.

3.   Slide your back down an imaginary wall until your knees are directly over your ankles.

4.   Push your knees back so your knee tracks over your second toe.

5.   Lift your upper body so your shoulders stack directly on top of your hips.

6.   Scoop your hip points up to your rib cage so you engage your core.

How to get deeper in this pose:

1.   Stay light in your toes and focus on pushing through your heels to activate your glutes.

2.   Drag your heels in towards one another to activate your inner thighs.

3.   Lift the heels off the ground to activate your calves as well as challenge your balance and increase core strength.

4.   Tap your knees back to activate your glut medius (outer thighs) and promote hip flexibility.

5.   Add a 1-inch pulse by bending your knees to promote heat in your body and muscular endurance. Remember to keep pushing past the burn.

No matter what your goals are in your fitness regime it is always a good idea to mix things up a bit and give your body something different and new to work on. So spice things up this week and take a barre class if you haven’t, or push out of your comfort zone and take a bike boot camp. No matter what, your instructor will be there to help you though it and help you modify so you can get the best workout possible in each Fly class.