Fly’s classes are fresh, fun and SUPERFLY. Want a bum that would make Kim Kardashian envious? Our classes can do that. Want to train for a specific fitness event? Our classes will help you train for a big activity such as a marathon or a simple everyday activity like riding your bike to work. We will help you build the strength, endurance and stamina needed for everyday life as for the sports you play.

Our classes are co-ed and known to be tough. With that said, each class is structured so that all levels of fitness are welcome. Conditioned athletes will get their in-shape booties kicked, while novice athletes are pushed, but may go at their own pace (we will happily give you modifications to do). The only person you’ll be competing against is yourself and rest assured there will be plenty of fun along the way.


Packages are good for any FLYFITNESS class. You have 90 days to use your package. Want to try a class? We don’t blame you! Click here  to get a Fly For Free Pass.  Click here for our current schedule